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5 reasons why Coworking Spaces improve work-life balance

Stick this one out with us: we know that it’s hard to see how a space designed for work can help work-life balance. It’s all about having somewhere to go to work more, right? Wrong. Well, mostly wrong, at least–it’s not about working more but working better, and the fact that working better gives you more time for the rest of your life. Coworking spaces are designed to make working easier and better all in one, and here are five important reasons that in the long-term, they are the way to go.

1.) Organization

Routine is absolutely key to making your day go round. And for a lot of entrepreneurs or self-employed folks especially, routine is near-impossible to accomplish. The world is your office. However, the unpredictability of this mindset can do a lot to damage your ability to relax. If everywhere is a workplace, how do you even turn your working brain off? Having a coworking space to funnel your hustle can help you mentally clock out at the end of the day.

2.) Flexibility

Study after study after study has shown that the ability to work at their convenience can be one of the biggest factors to not only employee productivity but increased level of satisfaction with their work and a decreased stress level. It’s a win all around.

3.) Reduced Commute Time

While this one isn’t necessarily applicable to all situations, when it does factor in it can be a complete game changer. Allowing your employees to work remotely from a coworking space near them can save so much time that it’ll add up to hundreds of hours over the course of a year. This opens the door for more time in the morning to prepare for the day, more time in the evening to unwind and catch up on chores around the house, more time for hobbies and social commitments. It’s indescribably valuable to the employees it’ll affect.

4.) Growth

This is growth in a lot of senses. Of course, there is a huge opportunity to grow your business contacts. But there is also an incredible sense of social connection and opportunities to expand your personal horizons. Coworking spaces introduce people to folks they might never meet otherwise. People who are politically, socially, and economically in entirely different realms from you. Sure, you can go and talk to that random new person at a hot desk about that work problem you’re going through. You can also take a mental break and see if they’ve watched that new thing you’ve binged on Netflix and need to scream about.

5.) Stress-free work environment

Working in an office provides that awkward social pressure and peer pressure of feeling like everybody is watching you, expecting things of you, and competing with you. Working from home leaves you surrounded by all of the chores you haven’t done and a lack of everything you actually need to get through your work day. Working in a coworking space features neither of these issues. It’s a uniquely low-stress way to work as you don’t have anybody breathing over your shoulder, nor are you too busy worrying about what to make for dinner to get through all of your tasks. And, overall, less stress means better balance–after all, the work aspect of work-life is just as important in this scenario.

Seriously, when it comes to work-life balance, coworking spaces add a bunch of pros and no cons to the equation. There’s a reason they’ve gained so much popularity and have been shown to increase productivity and satisfaction in workers. If you haven’t considered one, for the sake of your sanity, you just might want to.

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