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CHANGE-19 UPDATE: Positively Saturday

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

What is CHANGE-19 doing now?

CHANGE-19 Saturday March 28th, 2020

A lot of us are probably thinking, what does Saturday even mean anymore? That's if we're even aware that it's Saturday today. With most of us laying low at home, unsure how long we've been doing this for, let's take this time to remember how much we loved and looked forward to Saturdays. Soon enough, we will once again rejoice and get together with our family and friends, go to events, movies, restaurants, and just REALLY genuinely appreciate these things.


CHANGE-19 helped us introduce:

Starting to feel pretty lonely these days huh? Since have to delay our soft opening for April and understand the struggles of our community, and small businesses connecting and networking, we thought this would be an excellent way to introduce ourselves to the community by saying "we want to help, and we're here to help".

Our Virtual Members will get the chance to join our online communities 24/7 while being able to network and share with each other anything they'd like (like helpful resources, funny memes, recipes, small business ideas/promos, anything at all) to help us get through this.

We understand how important it is to use this virtual tool to connect with our community during this period of social isolation, so we have decided to offer a free month of online networking with the new community that we're building at TFN if you sign up before April 7th. After April 7th we will continue to offer you this membership for $25/month.


We are now offering a new program available where we'll air your audio and/or video podcast one day a week at 10am, every week, on all of our social media platforms including, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and right here on our website FREE for the month of April as a trial run.

We're currently accepting 10 applications for our daily slots. Registration runs right up until the April 2nd application event. For more information on applying visit our Podcast Features Page.


Looking for more information on how we have so far implemented a health and safety protocol? You can check out our public notice here.

Once again, from The Fountainhead Network (family run small business) to yours: Stay safe, Stay home, and focus on one thing at a time. We will try to update CHANGE-19 with more inspiring ways one day at a time to get us through this TOGETHER!

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