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  • Roberta Scarlett

Independent Media IS the Future!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We live in strange times. All we hear about is FAKE NEWS everywhere! The legacy news media pointing fingers at one another scrambling to find ways to convince you rather than inform you. It’s a propaganda machine on all sides. The public is frustrated and divided. They don’t want to be convinced, they want to be informed so they can make their own decisions.

This is why so many have turned to the independent news media and podcasters for a more authentic news experience. Their content isn’t polished, there’s no teleprompter, no production crew, and no one dictating what can be reported on. Of course, you don’t know whether your favorite podcaster is telling the truth or delivering up some of that fake news we’re all trying to avoid. But the beauty of the independent news media is that there is choice! The opinions, personalities and content are very diverse.

YouTube has been widely criticized for censorship, demonetizing, and putting channels in limited state as well as altering their searches to yield certain types of content. Several channels have been removed all together. Where are these content creators going?

They are moving over to alternative video streaming platforms such as Bitchute, dlive, and streamlabs. There are several other video streaming platforms available for content creators, and some of them don’t censor content at all. Several independent news content creators are finding that these new platforms present opportunity in the way that they can engage new people on a different platform that has less competing content. In fact those content creators who take the time to use these alternative platforms find they get more subscribers than they could have ever reached on Youtube.

The reality is that regardless of your political leaning or your individual views, the majority would like to be informed, not convinced. They don’t want their content censored or filtered in advance of their searches! Independent thought requires independent news media!

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