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Top 4 reasons why we're obsessed with our new coworking location.

The Fountainhead Network Office Space: A Blend of Community, Convenience, and Creativity 

The Fountainhead Network (TFN) has always been a beacon for professionals looking for a vibrant, supportive coworking space. Now, we’re over the moon about our new partnership with Site B and Brave Brewing Co., merging our efforts to create an even more dynamic and resource-rich environment. Here’s a snapshot of what makes TFN an ideal choice for those seeking not just an office, but a community...

TFN Coworking Site B Community Centre Brave Brewing Co.

1. Local Sips and Treats 

We’ve upped our office game with a fantastic partnership with Brave Brewing Co., ensuring our members can enjoy locally crafted beers right from our very own tap. For those who prefer a caffeine boost, our complimentary coffee and tea are ever-flowing, providing the perfect pick-me-up for your productive sessions. 

Brave Brewing Co.
Brave Brewing Co.

2. Designed for Connection and Creativity 

Our space is thoughtfully designed with an open concept to promote a sense of community and ease of interaction among members. With expansive event spaces and a visually appealing office layout, it’s the perfect setting for networking events, collaborative projects, and creative brainstorming sessions. The aesthetics of our space don’t just meet the functional needs of our members; they inspire and energize. 

Site B The Fountainhead Network Coworking Media Event Space Port Moody


3. Prime Location for Leisure and Transit 

TFN’s location is second to none, nestled near Rocky Point Park and within walking distance to the famous Rocky Point Ice Cream—ideal for enjoying a quick, delightful break from work. Moreover, with convenient access to buses and SkyTrain stations, commuting to and from our office is as easy as it gets, making it an accessible spot for all our members and their guests. 

Moody Centre Skytrain

4. A Culinary Journey Just Steps Away 

When it comes to dining, our members are spoilt for choice. With Pizzeria Spacca Napoli, Hard Bean Brunch Co., and BC Taco just around the corner, you can enjoy a variety of meals whether you're grabbing a quick lunch or looking to entertain clients over a delicious meal. Each restaurant offers a unique taste that complements the diverse flavors of our community.  

Port Moody Restaurants

Book a tour to see what all the fuss is about:

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