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What is Coworking?

Updated: May 27, 2022

With more and more people working remotely nowadays, the professional world has seen a rise in spaces for those looking to explore new work ventures that go beyond the traditional idea of an office.

Creative minds seek equally engaging spaces and cultures to grow, thrive, and network. This is where coworking spaces come in.

A coworking space is a community-based work environment where members can go for a flexible place to spend their workday. Unlike a coffee shop or park or anywhere else folks might go to get a day’s work done, a coworking space provides amenities like WIFI, coffee, hot-desks, meeting rooms, sound-proof cubbies, and public tables to encourage discussion and collaboration between members. They’re a place to go for individuals who want more out of their day-to-day work experience but are also looking to maintain some level of structure.

Studies have shown that people benefit from this kind of structured freedom. People need places to go where they can work as best fits them. You can zone in and crank out fifty emails, sit and enjoy an afternoon coffee while talking shop with somebody from your field, or collaborate on a project with a stranger you happened to sit next to at a row of computers. Even as no two people work on the same thing, everybody is there for the same reason: to accomplish something great.

Those seeking out a coworking space are those who are motivated to work. They see their work as meaningful and worth investing in, and they want to be able to pursue that without all of the hang ups that can be found in traditional office environments. You won’t find people working to pass the day and get a paycheque, you’ll find people that are driven and inspired by what they’re doing.

Coworking spaces are also cost-efficient. You can find exactly which space fits your checklist regarding budget and amenities. Some coworking spaces have the stripped down and practical setup of hot-desks and WIFI; these are great for the wallet. Other spaces have private offices, video games, meeting rooms, and podcasting spaces. If you can think of it, there’s a coworking space that has it. And even large companies have begun to get in on the movement! With the traditional work environment being in continual flux, large companies have sought out coworking spaces as an alternative that changes with the times.

Community working offers a place for people from any background and any sector of the professional world to gather. They enhance motivation, allow for people to share their expertise, and network as their authentic selves. Small business owners and contract programmers can share a coffee in one corner while two free-lance writers can face off in foosball. In an already divisive world, coworking spaces encourage unity based entirely on merit and spirit. There’s no need to put on a persona in a coworking space. You come as you are and work as you are, on your own time and at your own pace.

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