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  • Roberta Scarlett

Working From Home? 5 Reasons Why You Need Hotdesking!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The work from home crowd has expanded drastically in the last few months. Now almost everyone is living the dream, working from home in their pajamas (at least from the waist down). No travel to work meaning you might even be able to sleep in for an hour or so longer. Isn’t this great?

After the first few weeks, you might be craving a change of scenery and maybe even a reason to put on pants. Now more of us understand what working from home actually entails. The feeling of isolation can be overwhelming especially these days.

So if you had to, would you choose the benefits of working from home over going to the office?

The good news is you don’t have to choose!

1. You can have the best of both worlds!

You don’t have to give up working from home, or the things you love about it. Hotdesking for a couple of days a week, can add a little more variety to your work life. You might appreciate being at home more too! In fact, having another place to work away from home might alleviate some of the things you didn’t like so much about working from home, which leads me to reason number two.

2. Less Distractions

A common complaint from those who work from home is having difficulty with separating domestic tasks from work tasks. Especially on days when they really need to meet a deadline or where focus is necessary. Leaving the house for the day might be exactly what you need. Grab your work laptop and spend the day at the office and get it done. Then can go home, put your laptop away and relax!

3. Resources

Home offices vary in efficiency but are mostly functional for what needs be done depending on the nature of your business. These home offices aren’t always ideal for all situations. Sometimes it doesn’t feel appropriate or professional to bring colleagues or clients into your home. An alternative might be taking the client out for lunch or meeting at the library or coffee shop, but you might want to appear more professional or discuss something confidential. Most hotdesking memberships at The Fountainhead Network include meeting room access! You can also visit with guests and clients in our lounge or any one of our lounge areas. Got an important zoom call that you can’t miss? We also have comfortable sound proof phone booths.

4. Flexibility

Working from home can offer a lot of flexibility, some people end up doing most of their work in the evening because the day time is spent doing domestic tasks or running errands. Maybe this is why you work from home in the first place, you might find yourself more productive after the sun goes down. If you’re trying to run your own business while having a day job, you might find yourself working all weekend. Lets just say that 9 to 5 isn’t everyone’s bag. Our coworking space operates 24/7! Our membership packages can accommodate anyone’s schedule.

5. Community and Networking

I saved the best reason for last! Overcoming the feeling of isolation is very difficult for those that work from home. You might participate in a few zoom meetings, occasionally meet a colleague or client for coffee but the fact remains you are working by yourself most of the time. Hotdesking allows you to work in an office environment with others except without the hierarchy. You’re still your own boss! Not only that but you can connect with other entrepreneurs, swap knowledge, use/promote each other’s products and services, and even embark on projects together! The Fountainhead Network is like a social club for entrepreneurs!

Working from home has its advantages, that’s why it’s become so popular, but its fallbacks are why coworking and hotdesking emerged. They offer the flexibility, community and resources that entrepreneurs really need. If you work from home, I highly recommend you book a tour at The Fountainhead Network. If we are not in your area, you can probably find a coworking space that offers hotdesking close by.

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