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5 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Stay Motivated During a Crisis

Do you get that feeling that everyone’s plans seem ‘up in the air’ since COVID-19 hit? Can’t get any straight answers out of anyone because they are waiting for the storm to pass? While some of us still maintain a definite sense of direction others have stopped in their tracks because of a new level of uncertainty looming over us. When will we have COVID-19 under control? What does this mean for the economy? When will things go back to normal?

Even before COVID-19 hit we were living in very uncertain times. Technology and markets are already in a state of disruption because of exponential technological progress. But it was a lot easier to pretend the world would move forward in a linear, more predictable fashion before COVID-19. Though many of us acted this way, it was just as unrealistic then as it is now!

If you’re having difficulty staying motivated and feel you’ve lost your sense of direction, here are a few things to consider:

1. Life will never return to ‘normal’. Stop waiting!

The world is in a constant state of flux and understanding this makes it easier for you to adapt to unexpected changes while keeping focused. Making your ‘master plan’ adaptable can reduce a lot of anxiety. Have a ‘plan A’ and ‘plan B’ for reaching your goal. This gives you choice in the direction that you take given the circumstances. Make sure your path is clear, but flexible. Periodically review your ‘master plan’ and update it to account for changes.

2. Remain hopeful.

The most successful entrepreneurs plan for the future not for the present. This means if you are an entrepreneur you are by nature an optimist. You believe that your product or service will be in demand and that you have the skills and resources to bring them to market. It’s extremely important to maintain this outlook even in uncertain times. Look for those sources of inspiration that made you think you can!

3. What you do now will determine your future!

Every action has a consequence. The same is true if you don’t take action. There will be consequences. The longer you wait for the world to return to ‘normal’ the more time goes by where you aren’t connecting with clients or promoting your business. In times like these you have to let your clients know you’re still kicking and you’re still there for them. Otherwise they will go elsewhere.

4. Stay Active!

Sales might be down and no one seems to be responding to your calls or emails. Rather than letting fear and doubt dominate your thoughts, get busy! You might have wanted to make a few changes or upgrades to your product or service or you might have wanted to try a new marketing scheme, but you were too busy with day to day operations that you just couldn’t make the time. Well now is the time to implement those new ideas and upgrades you never had the time for before.

5. Motivate others!

It’s easy to motivate others when you remain an optimist who stays active even in times of crisis! When people are looking for inspiration they look for stories about people who ‘weathered the storm’, and who remained optimistic during a seemingly impossible situation. They think, ‘if they can do it, I can do it!’ People draw on your strength to bring out their own. Be that person who inspires others! They will remember you and that your actions motivated them to keep going. The best thing about inspiring others to act is that they end up inspiring others to act as well. Inspiration is contagious!

Keep in mind that a world in crisis desperately needs entrepreneurs! In the past crisis spurred innovation and new ideas, products and services emerged. It was how entrepreneurs and innovators reacted to the world’s problems that shaped it.

The world needs you to keep going!

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