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TFN Presents: CHANGE-19

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

What is CHANGE-19?

We are all getting used to this enormous change in society and a lot of us are going stir crazy working from home (and let's be real - we all know how hard it is to get anything done these days with kids, pets, laundry, video games, and all the other distractions of the household).

At The Fountainhead Network we think it's extremely important that we try to change our focus and be excited to prepare for the new life that's ahead of us after this major adjustment. That's why we'd like to introduce our CHANGE-19 Blog, to help small businesses look at the positive side of what can become of this so we can all continue to keep our sanity and triumph together as a supportive network through the tough times!

One of the positives we are trying to look at during the delay of opening up our space is that we feel this situation gives us the chance to be on the leading edge of Coworking. During our early design period, this crisis has further educated us in a way where we can make sure we are giving our members of the community a sanitary work space where they can feel safe.

1. Here's how we're doing it with CHANGE-19:

- Large Workspaces: We made sure when designing our space to give our members the most comfortable way to work together while maintaining personal space. Each of our Hot Desks are just about 60" wide!

- Cashless Money: This world is changing rapidly and after this fiasco more than ever, we understand how fast germs can travel ESPECIALLY on our cash. So we are going to focus strictly on a cashless money location. All of our resources purchases accept credit, debit, and BTC online and/or in house. There is no doubt that this will take a blow to our economy, physical cash as we know it could very well soon be a thing of the past. Which is why we are working on adding a Bitcoin machine to our space in the near future.

- Virtual Tours (coming soon): Looking forward to being able to have a workplace without all your current distractions at home? We're currently working on setting up Virtual Tours of our space during the quarantine, so you can see for yourself the clean, safe work environment we're striving to provide to you.

2. Here's what we can do for our small businesses:

- Virtual Office: So maybe, being a remote worker you don't need a physical office or you already have the luxury of a sweet set up at home, but you still need a Professional Address to have your mail and small packages sent! We have you covered with our mail collection service, which includes a professional mailing address, 24/7 mail pick up (scheduling required), and letter scanning and forwarding. Sound like something you need?

Here's the link:

- Online Networking Events: Networking is an extremely valuable resource that we as small businesses, use to be able to grow and flourish in our community. We're going to put together some Online Networking events in the coming weeks, to help our community ensure that they won't take a hit on this important aspect of our business'.

- Resources for Small Businesses: We as small businesses are constantly on the hunt, as the hard workers we are, to stay on top of this crisis in making sure we are using the tools that we have access to. Some of the current provided resources can be found here:

3. Here is how we can help focus on the POSITIVE:

- We have each other: It's important to remember that we're all going through this together and to make sure you are reaching out to your family and the community online to inspire one another to stay focused on being triumphant during these times. #workbettertogether

- Learn to love your home: This is an amazing opportunity to attack some of your home projects. Clean out those closets, desks, and garages. A clean and organized environment will help you stay focused and help you love your surroundings for the next little while.

- All about perspective: Perspective is literally EVERYTHING when it comes to being positive. If you focus on how you concentrate your thoughts in a positive manner rather than the negative all around us you'll find it much easier to get through this time. Like me for instance, I get so tense washing dishes (I hate it), but with everything going on around us, I focused my perspective on loosening up and realizing how lucky I am to be able to wash bottles for my happy, healthy son (whom I also happen to envy as he was running around like a maniac completely blind to the chaos surrounding him). That right there, made me smile doing something I hated.

- Put yourself in the shoes of others: This goes hand in hand with perspective, whether it's viewing the perspective from our neighbour, our parents, our kids, and of course our essential workers during this time, it's so important to stand together and not criticize one another as this transition to a new world that has turned our old world upside down. Before making assumptions on the actions of others through this transition, try to give the benefit of the doubt and consider the world around them in hopes they would do the same for you.

From The Fountainhead Network (family run small business) to yours: Stay safe, Stay home, and focus on one thing at a time. We will try to update CHANGE-19 with more inspiring ways one day at a time to get us through this TOGETHER!

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