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Top 10 Businesses That Can Benefit From Coworking

You might know what a coworking space is, but you might not know if one is well-suited for you. They’ve become more well known as years have gone on. But some people are scared to take the leap, uncertain if they’ll fit in or if they have a type of job that can properly utilize all that coworking spaces have to offer. So, here are ten jobs that best fit into a coworking space–some you might have assumed but a few that will surprise you!

  1. Freelancers and digital nomads There are a million and one types of freelance and digital nomad workers out there, but all of them need to find somewhere to work. Inherent to the job field is having no boss and thus no traditional office space. You might have everything you need at home to get your work done, but there’s no fancy desk or computer setup that can replace the social aspect of an office environment that helps creatives to thrive. Coworking spaces give you that additional communal aspect on top of a great tech set up, if that's an amenity you’re looking for. Not to mention the networking opportunities! It’s a great way to add to your social pool and client pool all in one.

  2. Lawyers and Attorneys This is the first of our potentially surprising entries. But, hear us out: coworking spaces are dotted all over a lot of major cities nowadays. While the concern for most who work in law would be confidentiality, if you seek out a private membership then there’s nothing to worry about. Finding a coworking space near a courthouse can provide a more convenient place to meet with clients. Solo lawyers or small firms especially can take coworking spaces into consideration as a more affordable option than having to lease an entire office area for their practice.

  3. Tech workers In surveys done of those who utilize coworking spaces, people in tech fields make up the highest percentage of workers. So, if you’re in the tech industry and you want not just a coworking space but an industry-specific coworking space, you’ll have no trouble finding a litany of options for you. Tech workers get the pick, in a lot of instances. Of all the entries on there, tech workers and freelancers are tied for the jobs best suited to be working in a coworking space.

  4. Digital marketers A lot of people who end up in coworking spaces are going to be working, on some level, in a digital sectre. This means that there’s a good chance they are either running their own social media or could utilize somebody that knows a thing or two about writing that perfect viral tweet to skyrocket business to the next level. Whether you work freelance or remotely with a big company, you can benefit greatly from the communal environment provided by a coworking space.

  5. Real estate agent Much like lawyers and attorneys, real estate agents can see a lot of benefits in a coworking space specifically as a meeting place for clients. Coworking spaces (especially those that offer day passes) can be an incredible option for real estate agents to bring in their clients, give them a coffee and a neutral space to discuss listings, and save money on gas by cutting down the commute. If you know what part of the city your clients want to buy in, you can find a space to make house hunting more convenient.

  6. Writers Nothing makes writers block worse than staring at the same four walls for three weeks straight in silence. Coworking spaces can give you flexibility as a writer. Bring in your laptop and if you're brainstorming, sit at a crowded table for some great sounding boards. Maybe you need to buckle down and focus, in which case you can throw on some headphones or rent out a private office and polish off a few chapters. It gives you an opportunity to venture out of your living room and wear something other than that set of pajamas you haven’t taken off in a week.

  7. Mortgage brokers The most important aspect of being a mortgage broker arguably is building relationships. Given that real estate agents make up a non-zero population of those who use coworking spaces, it seems natural to include mortgage brokers on this list. Building your next rockstar relationship with a realtor could be as easy as taking your morning coffee over emails in your local coworking space. Not to mention, as with other entries, mortgage brokers can find value in a coworking space as somewhere to bring clients for meetings.

  8. Startup business owners Most startups don’t have a lot of funds to go around. They're new, fresh, sometimes only made up of a handful of people and a dream. More than any others, startups can find a lot of value in the budget aspect of coworking spaces–especially since most coworking spaces can grow with you. You can transition between membership plans as your needs evolve. And if you outgrow your current coworking space entirely, there’s a 99% chance you can find something to accommodate you a stone’s throw away.

  9. Photographers Few photographers will ever find value in a permanent office space. You’re out doing shoots, on the move, always going for a new idea and a new opportunity. There’s no point in leasing out an office unless you need a studio–and even then, a multitude of coworking spaces exist with sets and props and spaces for you to bring your clients for shoots. Or to go and watch other shoots for inspiration. If you’re new to the game and figuring out what you want to do, what you need, a coworking space can be an incredible resource to rely on.

  10. Entrepreneurs Once again, an entry on this list that can utilize the budget friendly and networking possibilities of a coworking space. Looking for new clients? Maybe partners? Extra ideas on development of your new business venture? You would do great in a coworking space. Entrepreneurs feed off of the energy around them and in a coworking space, that energy is productive and creative and boundless. Finding a new business is a time of excitement and innovation and that’s something central to the working of coworking spaces.

Now is a better time than any to seek out a coworking space. The list of people who can use them is endless–these are just a few of the jobs best suited to coworking spaces. But whatever your needs are, budgetary or amenity wise, there is something out there for you. If you want something specific to your industry, somewhere that prioritizes privacy, a virtual coworking space, even a coworking space that’s so budget friendly it’s just a few tables pushed together, you can find it out there. Something new is at the tips of your fingers: just get out there and get looking.

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