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The Fountainhead Network Coworking & Media Space (TFN) is a 24/7, family-run coworking space that serves as a hub for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Erin Scarlett, Roberta Scarlett, and Mike Arboit are dedicated to providing a space where members can grow their businesses uniquely, using their freedoms of choice, voice, and views. They have created a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, where members can network and collaborate over coffee or a beer. TFN has become a safe workspace for over 100 start-ups, entrepreneurs, and anyone who may not have an ideal workspace at home. The pandemic impacted the coworking industry greatly, but TFN adapted by offering virtual support for mental health, marketing, education, and networking through their online platform and PoCommunity Podcast.

They have showcased over 100 local businesses, start-ups, artists, and entrepreneurs in the Tri-Cities, and their determination and dedication to their members has led to their success. TFN has meeting rooms, a kitchen and lounge, a fully-equipped podcasting room, and green screen studio a film set.

Our welcoming and innovative atmosphere fosters creativity and inspires our members to network, trade skills, and promote one another. The Fountainhead Network has made lasting connections that will inspire our network to grow their business and create powerful content.

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