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Health & Safety

To our valued community, members, and future members (Updated October 20th 2021):

It is of extreme importance to us to put the health and safety of our family, friends, neighbours, and community before anything. That being said, we've taken action into making this a priority. 

We are adhering to a very strict sanitary protocol to ensure the utmost safety of our community. We look forward to enabling small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to get to work in an accommodating, sanitary, and affordable space. 



TFN'S Health & Safety Guidelines:


Numerous Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Stations have been added in key areas.

As soon as you check into reception, please make sure to sanitize your hands before proceeding into the space, and before you leave the area you we're working in, make sure to use the disinfectant on the workstation you were using. Masks are available by request.


Hot Desks are 55” apart with workstation dividers. 

The number of hotdesks are reduced to accommodate more space between workstations. When choosing your hotdesk, please make sure to keep a safe distance between you and your other coworkers.


We've designed the space and lounge area's for a post Covid-19 future.

We've utilized more dividers between dedicated desks and common areas. Please respect social distancing in the space. 




We will be taking extra steps and measures to ensure the cleanliness of the space.

Disinfecting surfaces of all workstations, meeting rooms, phone booths, tables, Keyboards, mics, consoles, equipment, arms of hotdesk chairs, tablets and debit terminals after every use.

Disinfecting and cleaning of common areas such as the kitchen, lounge, bathrooms, door knobs, twice per day.

Members, guests and staff that exhibit signs of illness will be asked to leave until they recover.

Members, guests and staff with close contact family members that are ill are asked not to visit the space until all family members have recovered.

Members, guests and staff who have been in the space before becoming ill are strongly encouraged to share this information with our staff so we can notify other members and take proper precautions.

Masks are publicly mandated in all workplaces for shared work areas and areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

If you forget or need a mask we provide free disposable masks in reception.



Proof of vaccination is not required when using the space.

It is up to the individual employers in the space to decide what their own vaccine mandates are for their own businesses. The only time we will require the passport will be for events over 50 people.

We want our members, their clients and guests to feel safe when visiting our space.

We are open to any other suggestions from our network on how we can get back to business while keeping peace of mind.

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