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Three Abnormal Business Growth Strategies

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Guest Blog by Kevin Foreman

Today I’m going to arm you with three abnormal business growth strategies. 

Befriending Your Competition

I want you to reach out and befriend your competition.  Let’s say your ten closest competitors.  

Be genuine, and take your time, but reach out and build a positive relationship with your ten closest competitors.  Even send them clients!

Alright, it’s time to begin breaking this business growth strategy down.  By building a positive working relationship with your ten closest competitors you’re given access to a world of information, opportunities, and contacts.  

Let me list a few of the positives that can come from this:

  1. One year down the road Competitor X is deciding to leave your industry and casually offers to sell their business to you over coffee.  Your company buys out Competitor X and you advance your position in the industry.

  2. You get contacted for a service you don’t specialize in, and you refer the prospective client to Competitor Z.  Competitor Z greatly appreciates that and begins referring clients to your business for services they don’t specialize in.

  3. Competitor Y is tired of operating their business and is looking to take their experience to another company.  You offer them an opportunity to come to your company with some obvious stipulations in the employment contract.  Your team has now gained an experienced, industry leader.

You were able to understand befriending your competition comes with a world of opportunities.

Providing Your Secret Recipe

Tell the world exactly how to do what you do.  Tell them all the secrets to mastering your craft.  

But wait, why?

The valuable, paying clients that you wish to attract are looking to pay for services anyway.  By showing the world how to master your craft you don’t lose anything.  In fact, this business growth strategy will only help you to gain industry recognition.  

Utilize Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and events to teach people how to do what you do.  In today’s age the benefits of positioning yourself as an industry expert far out way the negatives of teaching people how to do what you do. 

Your new following will also market your business free of charge all because of the value you’ve provided.

Marketing Your Business in Daily Life

If you believe your business offers something valuable then you shouldn’t have an issue with this one.  This business growth strategy pushes yourself, as the business owner, to market your company at family gatherings, the grocery store, coffee shop, and anywhere else you may find yourself in public.

This is not a normal business growth strategy.